6 Link Building Strategies You’ve Never Thought of Before

If you know anything about SEO then you know that backlinks are hugely important for boosting your website’s ranking. However, obtaining links is not always the easiest task and can be time consuming and expensive. So being innovative and experimental with your link building strategies is important.

Traditional link building techniques include creating great content like Skyscraper content, conducting email outreach and contributing guest posts. Even if you are an SEO beginner, these terms are common. So, here are some unusual link building strategies you start implementing now.

1. Meetups

This strategy is not a targeted link building tactic. However, planning local meet ups for your niche or even bloggers within your niche can be an excellent networking and link building opportunity. 

The first place you can obtain links using this technique is in the event marketing. Conduct local blogger outreach to get the word out about your meet up. This can encourage them to link to your event pages or website providing the meet up appeals to their audience. 

Therefore, it is essential that you research these local bloggers to ensure their target market is the same. As a result, your outreach will be successful as more links will be placed and your event will be marketed to right target audience.

The other method that the meet up link building technique generates, is reviews. After your meet ups, encourage attendees to write review posts to share with their followers. These will more than likely include links to the event and your website. (this is especially good if your target audience have their own websites).

This tactic not only increases links to your website but also creates a great network for you and potential clients. Therefore, it has many benefits for your business and building links in an unusual way.

2. Free Tool

Free tools can be an excellent resource for your target audience. Similar to skyscraper content, a valuable and niche tool can attract lots of links.

An example of a niche tool is Nomad List’s ranking and filtering of destinations. This tool is used by experienced nomads and new travellers and is extremely unique and niche. Attracting lots of traffic, natural links and is a great tool to promote in email outreach.

Action tip: Do you know something your target audience needs? What kind of tool can you create to help them with their problem?

3. Discounts

Discounts are a great selling technique. This also provides an opportunity for link building as you promote your discount to your audience.

An effective link building strategy is to have specific, targeted discounts. For example, a student discount.

A student discount for products or software can be suggested to faculty for them to encourage students to purchase if it is enriching to their learning experience. Students themselves can also generate links through personal blogs or blogs on their university websites. This is also an excellent technique to gain links from .edu websites which can greatly and positively impact your SEO.

Action tip:  brainstorm a niche discount you can offer and where you can offer it to obtain links.

4. Brand Mentions

An easy backlink strategy is to try and optimise your brand mentions. 

These are instances where other websites have used your brand name or product names in their content but not provided a link. With a mention already in place, you are already halfway there in obtaining a link. Usually, a brand will only be mentioned if the writer already likes your products/services.

You can use SEO tools to obtain websites that use your brand name and no link. Or enter “yourbrandname” in Google to search for all mentions. (although this method may be more time consuming)

You can then reach out to these websites and enquire if they will place a link where your brand has already been mentioned. This can also be an opportunity to build a relationship with other businesses and benefit from this further in the future.

If you need assistance with your link building strategy, Outreach lab can help with these 6 techniques and blogger outreach services.

5. Interviews

Are you an expert in your field? Even if you aren’t, do you have unique perspectives and knowledge that you can provide others?

Whatever your expertise, you can be an excellent candidate for interviews or a podcast guest for other bloggers. This results in obtained links from the interviews or podcast notes.

Additionally, this link building technique can bring in lots of new traffic and exposure to more people within your target audience. Also, creating the possibility of future interviews with other bloggers, increasing your number of links further.

6. Resource Pages

Some blogs may include a resource page full of links to their favourite and useful resources online. This can be created for any niche too which makes it a great possibility for a back link.

First you must find potential resource pages where you can have a link. You can do this easily using Google and searching inurl: “niche resources”. See an example below:

Google search result page of seo resources for link building strategies

Google provides a massive list of resource pages that include the niche you have specified. Therefore, you will use this list as a base for your outreach.

This his link building technique also requires you to have a resource that is link worthy. This can include a free tool (as mentioned earlier), ,skyscraper content or an ultimate guide. This part is crucial for the success of this tactic as these kinds of content are more valuable to be linked to.

Include some of these techniques in your Link Building Strategy

These unusual ideas can be a great way to diversify the links you obtain and the number of potential contacts you have. Resulting in better email outreach and building of relationships within your niche.

Additionally, this link building strategies can greatly improve SEO. This is due to links coming from authoritative websites and from within your niche. Improving your number of links, domain authority and therefore, boosting traffic from more sources and increased SERPs.