6 Different Social Media Strategies That Will Boost Your SEO

Social media is one of the most important elements of any digital communication strategy. A survey by Statista reported that as of January 2019 the global average penetration rate of social media has been 45%. With approximately half of the world’s population using social media, it has become one of the most powerful digital marketing tools which brands cannot ignore. As experts predict that the value of social media will continue to grow in the coming years, it is expected that social media will play a crucial role in digital marketing activities, including SEO. So if you have still not included any social media tactics to your upcoming SEO strategy, here are 6 different social media strategies that will boost your SEO.


Link building

Website links which are directly shared on the social media accounts of many brands are often considered as high-value links. Despite the number of followers on your social media accounts, make sure to add a link in the bio from where audiences can get quick access to your website or product. This will direct more traffic to your website and boost its SEO value.

Keep an eye on your word count

Always select a lower word count for your social media posts. Rather than elaborating everything on your social media accounts, use fewer words, which will convey your message to your viewers as well as encourage them to visit your website. Make appropriate use of words which will describe your post and grab the attention of the viewers in a clear and concise manner.

Use call to actions

To increase the interaction with your audience, at times, you need to place a simple request below your content to remind your audience the different ways of engaging with your social media content. Thus, it is very important to use the call to action words and phrases such as like, comment, follow, check out the link, etc.

Pay attention to social signals

Various search engines results are influenced by the engagement rate of your social media accounts. Factors such as social sharing options on your website, the number of times a post from your website is shared on social media or the quality of engagement your posts receive greatly influences search engine rankings.

Use keywords

Do not limit the use of keywords you selected for your content marketing up to your website and paid search campaigns. You can use these keywords in your social media posts as well. This will enhance the visibility of your social media posts and also increase your search engine rankings.

Give people a reason to visit your website

Instead of directly selling your services through your social media account, use it to connect directly with your audience. Try to attract the potential audience by giving solutions to common problems in your field. As you will mention a problem and hint its solution on your social media account, people will happily click through your link to access the entire solution. This will help you in bringing traffic to your website.