Should you buy SEO packages? How to find the best one for your business

SEO can be difficult to understand and successfully implement which is why you are looking for an SEO company to help. The problem is there are so many out there, how do you know which package to go for and which would be the best for your business? Here is a quick guide on what to look out for when choosing the right SEO package for your business.

The benefits to buying an SEO package

Let’s get straight into the fundamentals of why you might need an SEO package for your website.

SEO can be time-consuming

Implementing an SEO strategy can be extremely time-consuming. This is often because of trial and error periods and the vast amount of tasks that need to be done.

Therefore, outsourcing this task to experienced SEO experts can save your business time for more pressing and specialist tasks. Allowing your business to focus on servicing the customers and delivering on your promises. Leaving the experts to work in the background.

Organic traffic is worth investing in

You may hear that paid ads are the only way to gain traffic. However, research suggests that:

‘70-80% of all searchers ignore paid ads and focus only on organic results’ (source)

As well as an increase in ad blocker usage means that more organic results are obtaining traffic than paid ads. Therefore, investing in SEO and obtaining organic traffic is still successful and relevant today. Bringing traffic and a return on the monetary investment you make into SEO packages.

Link building can generate exposure

Naturally, submitting guest posts or comments to other websites within your niche is going to increase exposure. This is exposure to your audience and can encourage traffic to your website and aid in building your community/email list.

In addition, email outreach also leads to building relationships with other business owners in your niche. Resulting in potential collaborations and opportunities in the future with authority websites in your niche.

Specialists in seo

Search engines are changing all the time. Learning SEO can be difficult and confusing as there is a lot to learn and updates like Google’s BERT update happen often. 

An SEO company is a specialist in SEO and they will strive to keep up to date with all the algorithm changes and updates that are happening. This is in order to keep in line with best practices and have success for both you and your business.

On-site and off-page SEO

SEO covers more than just link building and serps. The ability to rank highly is dependent on many factors in both on-page and off-page SEO.

Therefore, an SEO package can include an SEO audit done by professionals. To help improve the functions and features of your website for both search engines and visitors. 

If you need help with SEO, check out our SEO starter guide with all the information you need. 

Outreach lab seo package pricing

How do you know which company and SEO package is right for your business?

Now we’ve covered some of the important benefits you will gain from SEO packages. Here are what to look for when choosing the right SEO package for your business.

Black hat or white hat SEO.

This might be one of the most important considerations when choosing and SEO company or package.

Black hat SEO uses spam techniques to improve SEO. This includes cloaking, spam comments, duplicate content and keyword stuffing.

Unfortunately, search engines will recognise these tactics and your website can be penalised, dropping from SERPs altogether. Damaging the SEO and reputation of your website significantly. 

White hat SEO is the best method for building up rankings through SEO best practices. This includes organically building links and relationships in your niche, establishing authority and expertise, among other things.

Therefore, look out for transparency when comparing companies so you know exactly how they improve SEO. Do they disclose all their methods and strategies for optimisation and are in line with SEO best practices?

Are their promises realistic? 

Some companies may promise they will get you ranking at number one in SERPs instantly. Is it really possible? The answer is no.

It is easy to see this as an unrealistic overpromise. The top spot is extremely competitive and it can take a long time to get there. 

You want to analyse the results the company and package are promising. Unrealistic and extreme results are probably a sales tactic and may not hold any truth. 

When choosing an SEO package, you also want to consider your business goals. And whether the SEO company’s promises are relevant to them. Perhaps an SEO expert is promising more traffic, this could be great if you earn money from advertising. 

However, thousands of visitors might not be what your business needs. Especially if the traffic is not making you money. Instead, you may be looking for targeted traffic that converts and this should be aligned with the SEO package you choose.

Are you focusing on one area of SEO or need a complete service? 

Some SEO companies may only offer a link building service. This can include email outreach and guest blogging to place links for SEO. 

Other companies can offer auditing and technical improvements, competitor research and link building as part of a package. So you need to evaluate where your website’s SEO is currently and the steps you may need to take to improve it.

Often, SEO packages come in standard or customisable options. Reach out to a potential partner and ask about customising the package to your business needs.

Check out the various packages we offer here. Outreach Lab can help with basic SEO setup to advance SEO auditing and a development roadmap.

Do they have long term strategies?  

As already mentioned, SEO takes a long time to build and to see results. So it may not be very useful if an SEO company is offering quick strategies or short timelines for their packages. 

Some companies may offer monthly retainers for ongoing projects, one-off projects with a specific goal in mind or perhaps they price on the results they produce at the end. Either way, pricing and the strategy should be considered as part of your choice.

How long is your business prepared to invest in SEO? Long term packages are likely to be more attractive due to potential results you can achieve.

What kind of reviews and proof do they have of their services?  

You want to ensure the company you choose to hire are trustworthy. It is a good idea to check their reviews and customer feedback to see their performance. What kind of results did they achieve, what experience did the customer have, how has it improved their business?

These are all areas you want to see positive feedback from so that you can have a positive and successful experience too.

How often will they be reporting back regarding progress? 

You may have found a great long term package that suits your business. But the company does not provide any updates and you want to be able to monitor your website’s progress. 

In order to ensure they are following through on their side, you want to be updated on the improvements to your website’s SEO. Monthly updates could be a great way to stay informed and ensure that the company is monitoring the success of their strategy. 

Reporting can include increases in links and linking domains, new keyword rankings and improving existing rankings and increasing domain authority.

With these reports, you can cross-reference them with the traffic and sales you are receiving. Ensuring the SEO strategy is successful and in line with your business goals also.

Content creation 

Content creation is a massive part of any SEO strategy. You want to ensure that the SEO package you choose includes quality content.

You could request a sample to see that they are providing value, the content is well written and shows expertise in your niche. Content can be used in guest posts, landing pages, on-site pages and content promotion.

Time to choose the right SEO package for your business

Armed with this information, you can now choose the right SEO package for your business. Researching and ensuring the company offers a customisable plan, an effective strategy and is in line with your business goals. 

The benefits of investing in a long term SEO package are substantial. Therefore, you want to use these tips to ensure you are hiring the best company and outsourcing a successful and effective strategy. Do your research and you will feel confident in the company and package you choose. 

Look no further for your businesses SEO strategy than Outreach Lab. Whatever your goal, our range of plans can meet your requirements and boost your SEO.