7 Tips To Hire Freelance SEO Consultant In London

Hiring an SEO company that you can trust, is in your area, and has the right expertise for your business can be difficult. There are loads of companies out there, so what information is correct and what should you look out for so that it has the maximum benefit for your business? Below we’ve got the best tips for choosing the right SEO consultant in London for your business.

Communication Style

Understanding the way the company communicates with you as a client is important. This communication can dictate how you build a relationship with the SEO consultant and how you understand the benefits they contribute to your business.

Ask questions such as, how do they communicate with their clients, is everything done via email or phone or another medium? Does this suit your needs? How quickly do you need them to respond? How hands-on do you want to be with the company or do you want only occasional progress updates?

Strategies and Services

Each SEO company will have different strategies, techniques and packages on offer. Therefore, you need to evaluate your business’s goals and how the SEO company will contribute to achieving these goals.

What do you require of the SEO company? To work on your website’s content and sort out any audit errors or do you require link building? Some companies can offer both on-page SEO and off-page SEO packages.

Evaluate the company’s SEO strategies and what they intend to do. For example, “place x amount of guest posts on websites of 30 DA or higher to increase ranking”. As well as paying attention to the type of techniques they use.

Is it white hat link building or using black hat SEO techniques? Ideally, you want your website to also have a good reputation and gain organic traffic. Black hat link building could lead to your website being banned from search engines and having the opposite impact on your SEO.

Do they promise realistic results?

Companies that promise instant and extreme results like “get to number 1 in Google in 3 months”, are unrealistic. If they suggest that they have the secret and magic strategy to achieve your business SEO goals, they could be making empty promises.

If you have unrealistic expectations of SEO techniques, you may need to re-evaluate these to ensure you choose the right SEO consultant company. Layout your businesses goals and compare them with the results the SEO expert is promising. Helping you to choose the most appropriate company for your business.

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint and the results you obtain can arrive months later. However, it is worth the wait and raising your SERPs can bring in huge amounts of traffic and potential for conversions.

Experience and Reputation

London is the hub of business in the UK and there are sure to many SEO companies competing for your collaboration. One way to separate the right ones from the crowd is checking on the reputation of the company.

Use customer reviews and testimonials to get an idea of the response, results and relationship they build with their customers. Within these reviews, check for mentions of the quality of their service, the results that they achieved and how the customers felt their experience was.

In addition, you could also check if the customers have similar businesses to yours. Indicating that the SEO expert would be a good fit for your business and understand your goals.


If you have set out a budget for your SEO strategy then you can check the company’s pricing to see if they meet your needs. In addition, you can evaluate the price in relation to the return of investment you will gain.

Making a large investment at the beginning to increase traffic, sales and conversions will fund future SEO work. Whereas, a smaller budget can help get you started and gradually build your profits over time.

You also want to evaluate the pricing of the company in context to their competitors. Does their pricing seem too high or too low? Too low and the consultant could be using black hat techniques or not follow through on their guarantees. Do they charge a high price but other companies offer the same services? I’d recommend checking the reviews and their strategies to inform your decision of who to invest in.


What contacts does the company have, are the contacts in your industry? If the consultant is based in London, do they have London based contacts that would be best for local SEO? Local SEO is an important element for brick and mortar businesses to ensure that you are reaching the right audience for your product or service.

Ask them questions

Getting in contact with the company is another good indicator of the right SEO consultant for you. During your initial communication, are they interested in your business and business goals? Or do they force ideas and recommendations on you?

You are the one hiring them, not the other way around and an SEO consultant that listens and understands your bsiness needs is required. In addition, you can ask questions about their processes, time frames and requirements from you. Giving you a better idea of their fit for your SEO goals.

Choose the right SEO consultant in London for you

Choosing the right SEO company can be difficult but when you keep these tips in mind, you can easily narrow down the options. Ensuring that the company has the right experience, white hat SEO strategies, and communication style for your business. As well as, considering their pricing, contacts and previous results to choose the right SEO consultant for you.

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