5 Great Reasons to Outsource your Link Building Campaign

Is your business struggling to make progress in the online sphere with link building for SEO? Your solution can be outsourcing to an SEO expert to improve rankings and boost the number and quality of links exponentially. Here are the 5 top reasons to outsource your link building campaign right now.

What is link building and why do you need it?

Link building is one part that makes up an SEO strategy to improve rankings and obtain more traffic from organic search. Improving SERPs has the potential to increase sales, create more leads and boost conversion rates. All contributing to the success of your business.

Link building is one of the most important elements of an SEO strategy. Google itself has expressed that the number and quality of links for a site are one of highest regarding ranking factors. Therefore, the more links a site or a webpage has, the higher it can rank on SERPs.

Although the number of links is significant, the quality of the links is also factored in to rankings. The quality of the link is determined by many metrics like the DA (domain authority), trust flow and citation flow. The higher the ranking of the linking domain, the more ‘link juice’ it will send to your website. Some example of high quality websites could be Forbes, Thrive Global, or Business Insider.

Low quality links and black hat SEO techniques can negatively impact your website. Causing it to rank low in SERPs and be penalised by Google and other search engines.

Ultimately, link building is an effective solution for improving SEO rankings however, it can be time-consuming, confusing and take up many resources. Therefore, outsourcing your link-building can help relieve the pressure from your and your team and provide many other benefits outlined below.

long office table and chairs of seo experts, outsourcing link building

5 reasons to outsource your link building campaign

Leaves time for other important work

link building can take up a lot of time and resources in your business. Finding appropriate websites to place the link, completing outreach and follows, and writing the content is hefty work to do. Taking time away from other important parts of your business. Especially in a small business, these resources may be necessary for paid advertising, product development or blog content.

Therefore, outsourcing your link building provides you with the opportunity to reallocate the task. Focusing your in-house team on the most important tasks to serve your customers and keep your business running effectively.

Access to expertise

Link building can be a complicated and lengthy process. As well as trying to conduct outreach and providing the guest posts, you need to check the ranking metrics of websites to ensure the link will be high quality. Often, SEO tools can charge for this information causing another expense to your link building campaign.

An SEO company will have the expertise and resources to find the right links to help build SEO positively and effectively. Ensuring that the links placed are of high quality at no extra cost to you. In addition, companies often have hundreds of contacts already built up and trusted. Reducing the time it takes to locate appropriate links and get them placed as soon as possible.

SEO experts are also going to be up-to-date with changes in SEO ranking factors and Search Engine algorithms. Unfortunately, changes in SEO happen often and can result in time away from your link building campaign to update your SEO strategy as a whole. Therefore, having this up-to-date knowledge is a good reason to outsource your link building campaign to ensure it is successful.

Saves time and money

Some may think that SEO experts are a high expense for the business. However, as outlined above, an SEO expert has the experience, contacts and expertise that can speed up the process of link building. Therefore, increasing rankings more effectively and getting faster results than you may have in-house.

This can save time and resource as, without this expertise, it can take a while to execute the right campaign and obtain the desired results. Although the initial investment might be high, the results you will see will result in higher traffic and potentially more sales. Giving you your return on investment in time.

Better results

An SEO expert will help to build your website’s DA score and other SEO metrics faster than if you were completing it in-house. An outsourced company can dedicate more time and resources to your business and therefore, increase your SEO efforts significantly. With their expertise, contacts and strategies, you will benefit from much better results.

The aim of improving SEO is to make your business more visible in organic search results. Therefore, the sooner this happens the more traffic, leads and sales you can potentially make. Meaning you get better SEO results and better business results too.

Effective SEO solutions

Seo experts can help with more than just link-building as well and offer more SEO solutions to improve your business’s online presence. Including a website audit, website improvements as well as different approaches to link building. By working with an SEO expert, your SEO strategy can be improved significantly as a whole.

In addition, SEO companies can suggest effective solutions for your business goals. As well as take on your ideas and implement them into your link-building campaign. These experts work for you. Your business’s success is also their focus and concern. Which is of many great reasons to outsource your link building campaign and improve your SEO rankings overall.