How to use meta descriptions to boost your SEO

A meta description is an HTML element that is used to summarise the content of your page. These descriptions are one of the first things that a potential visitor sees. Meta descriptions can play a major role in making your marketing campaigns, but a lot of business owners or marketers do not pay enough (if any!) attention to them. Meta descriptions are extremely important when it comes to improving your website’s SEO ranking.

Things to Consider

There are several things that you need to keep in mind while framing your meta description. Firstly, you need to make sure that your meta description is not too long. Ideally, it should be 160 characters or less. This will ensure that words from your meta description are not cut off in search results. Secondly, it is equally important to insert as many keywords as possible. You need to put forward your value proposition to the visitors, while also focusing on the key benefits. Thirdly, it should also include a call to action. This will provide users with an incentive to take action and improve your website traffic. A call to action also gives you a better chance of improving brand visibility. All these factors go a long way in improving your SEO ranking.

The Impact of Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions can have a significant impact on your overall business. This is because meta descriptions can act as a short showcase for your offerings. Further, good meta descriptions provide your website with a better chance of appearing higher in search engine results. This can work in two major ways. Firstly, search engines tend to depend on your meta descriptions when it comes to ranking your pages in their search results. Having a compelling meta description with the right keywords can make a huge difference here. It can also help you in getting more visitors to your website by providing the most relevant information on the search results page.

Click-Through Rates

Search engines make use of something known as “Click-Through Rate”. This rate is the frequency with which visitors click on your links within search results. Compelling meta descriptions are one of the best ways to improve your click-through rate. It is a simple process: If a visitor reads your meta description and finds it relevant, they are much more likely to click on your link and visit your website. Once they reach your website, it becomes easier for you to convert them into a paying customer. Therefore, the role of meta descriptions cannot be underestimated.


Thus, to sum up, meta descriptions are key for boosting your SEO, but you need to be smart in how you use them. If written correctly, these meta descriptions can go a long way in improving traffic flow to your website, while also providing you an opportunity to maximise sales.