How to Make the Most of Majestic

The use of tools is becoming more important in the ever-changing world of SEO. It can be difficult to navigate through the constant changes, developments and growth of SEO. Thankfully, you can make the most of SEO tools like Majestic to help.

Man at computer using and making the most majestic seo tool

What is Majestic?

Majestic, formerly Majestic SEO, is an SEO tool specifically made for link building. It provides in-depth information about back-link profiles and other link metrics

Although this may seem limiting for a tool to only specialise in one area, the data they obtain is extremely accurate. Meaning that Majestic can be a valuable resource for search engine optimisation and link building strategies.

Majestic’s features include site explorer tool, campaigns, link context and a massive index database.

Here are 5 ways you can make the most of Majestic as an effective and beneficial SEO tool:

Trust flow and Citation flow

These are the most significant and unique metrics that Majestic offers. Citation flow relates to the number of links a website has pointing towards it. Although this metric does not take into account the quality of the links, it just indicates the potential influence of the domain.

Trust flow, on the other hand, does measure the quality of the links and evaluates the trustworthiness of the website. Both of these metrics are better when higher as they indicate plenty of links as well as high-quality links. 

You can use these metrics to monitor your own website’s trust and citation flow. As your backlinks increase, does your trust flow increase? This is important as flow metrics are not directly correlated as you can obtain links (boosting citation flow) but from poor quality websites (decreasing trust flow).

Therefore, you can also use it when evaluating websites as part of your link building strategy. You want to ensure that the link you obtain is of high quality and within your niche in order for it to positively contribute to your trust flow too.

Broken link building

If you have an authority website within your niche and want to obtain a link from them, you can use broken link building techniques.

Using Majestic, you can analyse the domain. Navigate to the pages tab and export ‘missing pages (404s) only’. You can use this data to find broken links on the domain.

Identifying the broken links and context of the link you can consider:

  • Do you need to create new content to replace this broken link?
  • How are you going to conduct your email outreach to the website?
  • Will this link bring authority and expertise in the right way?

Once the best opportunities are identified. You can add this blogger outreach to your best link building strategy.

Brand mentions

Majestic also has the ability to obtain information on brand mentions. These are instances when your brand may be mentioned but not linked to.

Using the flag-mention filter, found within the Analysis Options in Advanced Reports. You can find the websites where you are mentioned but not linked.

You can then reach out to these websites asking for a link. Typically, as you are already mentioned these are easy links to obtain.

Audit your current backlinks

A strong backlink profile includes high authority and trustworthy links. You can use Majestic to audit all of your current backlinks. 

Go through the current links and check their trust flow and topical trust flow (shows relevance in your niche). If the trust flow is low and the link is irrelevant to your niche, you should request to have these removed or disavowed. This can improve your SEO and improve trust flow. 

Competitor analysis

SEO tools are particularly good for conducting competitor analysis. You can take advantage of majestic to analyse competitors link profiles. Evaluate how many links your competitor has and their top linking pages.

This sets a benchmark for the number of links you need to obtain as well as particular websites you can reach out to. This can be extremely useful information for your link building strategy as it provides you with potential contacts that have linked to similar websites as yours. Resulting in a better chance of obtaining links.

Additionally, if you compare a number of your competitors, this can provide a great list of authority contacts to conduct SEO blogger outreach.

Final thoughts

These are only a snippet of the best ways to take advantage of Majestic and will make a difference to your website’s SEO immediately. With specialist flow metrics and massive databases, there is an unbelievable amount of information at your fingertips.

Use this information to improve your own backlink profile and flow metrics. As well as obtaining contacts from your competitors link profiles and build links through discovered broken links.

Now you can action these tips for your SEO link building strategy.