Will Link Building Still Be Crucial in 2020?

Link building has played a crucial role in developing SEO as it impacts websites’ ranking significantly. In recent years, link building has gained more focus and popularity as an SEO technique. However, it is slowly being taken over by other factors of SEO and may not be so much of a focus for the future of SEO. Below we discuss white-label link building, whether it is relevant today, and if it will stay relevant!

What is Link Building?

There are a few elements for link building:

  • Internal links relate to the links you place within your content to link your previous content. This provides a detailed map for search engines to understand how your content relates to itself.
  • External links relates to links from your website to other websites as well as links directing to your website (back-links).

It is vital to understand that search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, among others utilise links as a fundamental ranking parameter. Major search engines such as Google heavily relied on links to generate rankings of websites since the beginning. It was simply understood that more the links, the greater influence of the website.

However, linking building benefits can be generated only if the website’s onsite SEO is robust. This includes:

  • User Experience
  • Load Time
  • Content Quality
  • Keywords
  • Shares and engagement

Is Link Building still Relevant?

As time went by, digital marketing companies understood the relevance of links which turned into a rat race including spamming websites with links. The quality of the links started to witness a significant drop in terms of quality, impact and originality. Though there was no detrimental implication of a poor quality, low impact and duplicate content link, the approach to quality control was simply non-existent.

This development led to the exacerbation of the Google’s capability to justifiably rank websites based on quality and relevant content and was taken over by paid and spammed links. Going forward, it is vital to understand that Google or any other search engines cannot evade the use of link building as it’s one of the core parameters in the website ranking algorithms.

Will Link Building be Crucial in 2020?

Link building and content type are highly correlated and thus, good and quality content will automatically attract links on the webpages. However, Google has embarked on utilising other factors such as website UX, load time, bounce rates, brand search, relevant keywords, and social parameters in the website ranking process.

SEO exercises are highly important for digital marketing agencies and businesses in order to rank higher in organic search. This includes creating quality content and addressing all factors of ranking that are considered by Google and other search engines.

Therefore, link building will remain a crucial element in the coming times simply because it’s pivotal for navigation, connecting pages and websites, comprehending the reading intent of user and quality, and overall user experience. Though various search engines including Google have gotten better in the identification process for low quality links, they haven’t attained a level where links can be entirely extracted from the algorithm.

Ultimately, link building will still be relevant and crucial for SEO in 2020 as it is still a valuable element assessed during ranking. Learn more about link building to start improving your ranking, however, you must also consider the other elements of on-site and off-site SEO to be further recognised by search engines.