10 Different Types of Evergreen Content (for SEO)

The realm of content creation is growing at an unprecedented rate. The world of content provides remarkable opportunities including articles, blog posts, info graphics, social media posts, among plethora others. Therefore, following are the 10 different types of evergreen content for search engine optimisation.

Designing Infographics

Providing an info graphics for your blog post may improve the volume of the target audience towards new heights. It provides a crisp, clear and condensed form of information in an aesthetically pleasing format. It can include tables, charts, and pictures, among others. 

Video content

Good video content has the potential to increase the SEO rating by two-thirds and significantly improves the viewership of your website. In the recent years, video marketing content has taken over the world as around more than 100 people watch videos every hour.


In order to stand out from the crowd of internet marketing, providing content with original opinions work wonders. The majority of content on the internet on any topic is highly repetitive. Thus, establishing your own voice can attract a lot of new audiences to your website.


Creating How-To or DIY content

Do-it-yourself or how-to content is one of the highest viewed content categories on the internet. It applies to all types of products, techniques, methods and it’s vital as it allows the public to learn something new free of cost.

Authentic research

Unique and original research content stands out from the other repetitive content. It’s highly valuable as majority of today’s content is a copy of another content. You can also carry out research on current issues and topics, from Brexit, to Love Island.

Reviewing content

The product and services review content websites are one of the most sought after websites on internet. Around 90% of the on-line public read the review of a product before buying. Thus, ‘review’ content is valuable for improving SEO.


Podcast messages are termed as a good source for spreading information and thus help in gaining considerable traffic on your website. The utilisation of podcasts is extremely easy and efficient. It can also serve as a method to build brand awareness, and engage with clients or followers through a different medium.

Building on trending content

It is essential to know that building on trending content is highly time and topic sensitive. They provide great traffic in terms of greater engagement of audience to your website for a short run, which develops your SEO.

The “Lists” content

Developing lists has been a conventional type of content creation, wherein a paragraph of great lengths his explained in a structured and numbered format. For instance, 10 different types of evergreen content for SEO. It’s also worth noting that Google loves numbered lists for solving search queries. Think about what your audience might need help with, and create a list of the answers they need.

Building directories

A directory is a helpful collection of links of various websites and databases on a select topic of search. For instance, an automobile blog may build a directory of different stores for a particular vehicle in the country with specific service centres nearby.

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