6 Easy Ways to Get Do-Follow Backlinks

If you’re a beginner to SEO, you may have heard of backlinking in order to increase your websites’ SEO and authority. It is clear that link building will still be crucial in 2020 for SEO so here are 6 easy ways to get do-follow backlinks.

hands shaking building high quality links

1. Content and Email Outreach

Creating great content should already be on your to-do list for SEO purposes. It is what you can do with the amazing content that matters for do-follow backlinks. You may create large pieces of skyscraper content or lengthy resource pages, how are these useful for backlinks?

If your content is seen as an authoritative piece, valuable to other websites and great for readers, you may naturally gain links. However, you can also reach out to websites and request links to your resources.

Build a relationship through email with other creators and include a link to your resource that be of value to them and their readers. Email outreach can be difficult as people receive hundreds of irrelevant emails a day. So make yours stand out, relevant to them and personal.

2. Guest Blogging

This is a common practice among many creators to obtain do-follow links from other websites. Guest blogging is a great technique as you are offering value to them in exchange for a link. This is beneficial to both parties involved.

Again, you want your communication to be relevant and personal to those you are reaching out to. This also means the content you are submitting must be relevant to the website’s audience and topics also. Guest blogging is proven to help gain backlinks and traffic for Bufferapp and it could work for you too.

3. Commenting

Commenting is slightly more complicated as it depends on the website as some may not allow links in comments. Others may allow links but can be no-follow links which do not send the link juice that you need for SEO.

Therefore, You can conduct research to find websites that allow do-follow links in their comments. Ensure you are placing the comments on recent posts, that the websites are relevant to your niche, and that they are authoritative to aid your website’s authority.

Additionally, you want your comment to add value for both you and the other website. Leave thoughtful comments, perhaps leave a question or an alternative point of view.

4. Broken Link Building

Broken link building also uses email outreach to websites for links. However, you are approaching them to add value and help them fix any links that are broken on their website.

You can use SEO tools to analyse links on websites to check for any broken links. Additionally, if you know of any competitors that have moved domains, shut down, stopped offering a service or stopped updating their resources, your content can replace the links pointing towards them.

This technique takes a little more background research but can be extremely valuable at obtaining authoritative, high-quality do-follow backlinks.

5. Resource Pages

Resource pages can be another place where you can obtain links to your amazing content. These pages are often titled ‘useful resources’, ‘helpful resources’, or ‘further reading’ and using Google you can find them:

google search "useful resources" link building

Replace ‘link building’ with topics related to your niche. Using this search you can find relevant resource pages, reach out to the website and offer your content to also be linked. This is also another opportunity to replace any outdated or broken links from competitors.

Resource pages can be an excellent place to have do-follow backlinks as your source comes across as authoritative, knowledgable and useful. Not only can you gain the backlink but also traffic from these pages.

6. Convert Mentions

Occasionally, websites may mention your brand name but not include a link. You can also find these using Google or other SEO tools to find brand mentions. You can then reach out and ask for the mention to be clickable. 

How easy is that! This method doesn’t require you to make content but simply make contact for a brand mention to be converted to a link.

Reaching out to these websites, that have already mentioned you, should be much easier than reaching out to strangers. These mentions come from your brand being loved, recommended and recognised. This can mean that the website would be more open to placing a link and building an online relationship.

Take Action for Backlinks

All of these are effective techniques for obtaining backlinks. But, they all require you to now take the action.

Reach out, contact websites and start building online relationships that you can both benefit from.  Create extremely valuable and great content that encourages links and interest in your niche. Do your research of your competitors and reveal opportunities for links to your content. Take hold of any opportunity you find for backlinks.