8 Unique Ways to Create Great Content

With millions of websites on the internet today, it can seem so difficult to make an impact and create great content to compete and stand out. Content is hugely important for any website and business as it brings readers, potential customers, builds relationships and can advertise products and services. 

Here are 8 unique ways for you to create great content and make the impact you want.

Reader Profile!

Your reader profile is so important for creating content because you know the WHO you are talking to, WHAT you want to say and the WHY they need your help. It makes your content more relatable, targeted and readable. How you choose to do this can be personal to you, but here are some ideas:

  • Draw Reader avatars, you can draw as many as you want that you are targeting through your content. However, do not have too many as this will confuse you and create the opposite effect.
  • Detail everything that they feel, think, do, and are interested in. The problems they face and opinions they have so you understand their every thought and feeling
  • Being specific also helps you understand your audience, this includes age, gender, where they live and what they do.
  • Be their best friend that you know in and out and can be relied upon for help and advice.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is so important for SEO but it is also a great starting place for creating content. You can carry out keyword research using a seed word to find long-tail keyword suggestions, but what do you do with it then? 

Brainstorm ideas of how this keyword can be used in your content. Think of ways it will be used in queries from your target audience and further ideas. You can form multiple content topic ideas and pathways from one keyword!


You want to capture your audience’s attention and what better way than through stories? They may be personal stories. fictional stories, stories from those that you admire that you can captivate your readers. Not only does an anecdote captivate your readers, but they can also connect with them in other ways that general content might not.


Are you creating content about something you actually believe in and want to share with your audience? If you’re not you could burn out from trying to talk about something that doesn’t hold your own interest. When you are passionate about what you are creating, you will also come across inspiration every day. This is your unique perspective and will help you create interesting and creative content

Brainstorming to create great content


Titles may not seem like such a big deal but it’s the first thing your audience sees. A catchy, bold title can be what grabs the attention of viewers and leads them to your content in the first place. Titles are also extremely important for on-page SEO as well as conversions so pay special attention to your headlines. 


Images, videos, infographics and other types of visual content are contributors to great content. They tell a story, break up pieces of writing, and they add interest. Visuals are where you can be more experimental by creating your own images and videos. Be creative with your brand, colour, thought-provoking visual content to further appeal to your audience.


Great content gets their audience involved with various calls to action. This gets your audience involved and they become a part of your content too.What do you want them to do?  Share their experiences in the comments or create a video to share with you or send you an email? Get creative and include these in your content.

Don’t Stop Creating

The only way you will get better is with practice, learning and growing as a content creator. So even if you have doubts or a block, keep going. Get rid of the poor content or edit it into something better and you will have a lot to work with.