5 Black Hat Tactics That Will Ruin Your SEO Efforts


Every website owner seeks greater visibility for its website. Most businesses will either engage in white hat tactics or black hat tactics to do so. White hat tactics are generally promoted and proclaimed, however, utilising black hat tactics to improve the SEO and attract visitors are highly risky for your website’s popularity. Black hat tactics…

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10 Most Popular SEO Questions Answered


Starting with a SEO can be an overwhelming experience. This can create a number of doubts in the minds of new users. To clear all these doubts, we have compiled a list of 10 most popular SEO questions and their answers which will help you understand the entire concept of SEO better. What is SEO?…

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Google’s BERT Update: Everything you need to know


Google has recently announced and introduced yet another algorithm to their search engine, but will it help your website or hinder it? And being that BERT is the biggest update since Rankbrain, it surely will have some effect on your search engine optimisation in the future.  Here is every is everything you need to know…

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Where to start with SEO if you’ve never done it before

SEO aspects

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a process of improving the position of a website in organic, non-paid search, particularly in Google. The reasoning behind this, is that the higher your website places in a search means the more likely you are to gain traffic. As a marketing strategy, SEO has gained a lot of momentum.…

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4 Reasons Why Your Company’s Reputation Should NOT Be Ignored


It is well known that it can take years to forge a great reputation, consistent effort to maintain it and a single mistake to dismantle it. Reputation can affect the different aspects of businesses tremendously and is an interconnected element which powers itself, irrespective whether it is good or bad. Below are the top 4…

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Should you pay for SEO tools – Are they worth the money?

SEO tools

The world of SEO is a steadily growing market and an increasing amount of tools are out there to help you to improve your website SEO. However, this may leave you wondering if paying for SEO tools is really worth money. What are SEO Tools? You may be wondering what an SEO tool is and…

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The 5 Best Tools for Monitoring your Websites SEO

monitoring SEO tools

Are you getting started with SEO and want to check your progress? Or are you interested in monitoring your SEO to improve and draw more traffic and potential income? Whatever you need, monitoring your websites SEO is important in growing your business/website and improving its performance. Why Should you Monitor SEO? Monitoring your websites SEO…

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5 simple ways to improve your website’s UX

improve website UX

Every business wants to convert its website visitors into paying customers. But this can only be achieved if you are providing the best user experience to your visitors. A lot of websites tend to focus on the content and the design of their website, but do not place enough emphasis on user experience (UX). This…

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How to use meta descriptions to boost your SEO

boost your SEO

A meta description is an HTML element that is used to summarise the content of your page. These descriptions are one of the first things that a potential visitor sees. Meta descriptions can play a major role in making your marketing campaigns, but a lot of business owners or marketers do not pay enough (if…

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What To Do If You’ve Been a Victim of Negative SEO

negative SEO

In today’s world, it can be seemingly more difficult to stay ahead of the competition. Naturally, companies adopt several SEO techniques in order to gain an advantage over others. While some of these techniques are fair, others can be deemed as unethical and unfair. One technique deemed as very unfair, is negative SEO. Negative SEO…

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