How to Adapt your Strategy during the Coronavirus Pandemic


We are seeing unprecedented times full of uncertainty and paths not walked before. But the question on everyone’s lips is, what does this outbreak mean for online business? The effects of Covid-19 are fast-changing and the way a business adapts to these changes is imperative to its survival of this pandemic. Many businesses have seen…

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What is Skyscraper Content, and How Can you Create it?


In today’s content filled world, there is so much competition and millions upon millions of pieces of content. So how do you make an impression on your audience and start ranking for highly competitive, trending topics? Skyscraper content could be the answer to your question. What is Skyscraper Content? Skyscraper content is a technique where…

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8 Unique Ways to Create Great Content

Brainstorming to create great content

With millions of websites on the internet today, it can seem so difficult to make an impact and create great content to compete and stand out. Content is hugely important for any website and business as it brings readers, potential customers, builds relationships and can advertise products and services.  Here are 8 unique ways for…

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10 Different Types of Evergreen Content (for SEO)


The realm of content creation is growing at an unprecedented rate. The world of content provides remarkable opportunities including articles, blog posts, info graphics, social media posts, among plethora others. Therefore, following are the 10 different types of evergreen content for search engine optimisation. Designing Infographics Providing an info graphics for your blog post may…

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8 Ways to Make Your Content Stand Out from the Rest


Maybe you are a beginner at copywriting or an SEO expert. Either way give yourself some credit for coming to this post and actively seeking to improve your practice. More than 40,000 questions are asked on search engines every second, so making your content stand out to improve outreach and climb the ranks is a must.…

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How Often Should You Update Your Website’s Content?

website content

Your website acts as a showcase for your business. The content that you post on your website allows your prospective clients to assess your capabilities and also allows you to build a brand that users can connect with. In addition, content also helps improve website ranking across search engines. This in turn can lead to…

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10 Things you Must Keep in Mind When Creating Content

SEO friendly content

Creating relevant and robust content is the of essence for your business’s growth online. Online content provides a platform to showcase the story of your business across different platforms and more opportunity to reach your audience. As per the estimates of Internet Live Stats, the internet is home to around 1.7 billion websites and 4.3…

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