10 Things you Must Keep in Mind When Creating Content

Creating relevant and robust content is the of essence for your business’s growth online. Online content provides a platform to showcase the story of your business across different platforms and more opportunity to reach your audience.

As per the estimates of Internet Live Stats, the internet is home to around 1.7 billion websites and 4.3 billion users, so it is important to create content that stands out. Content that stands out will enable your business to grow, and to attract a wider possible audience.

Here are 10 things to keep in mind when creating content:

Define a clear and crisp objective

According to Pardot, 97% of respondents reported that their trust in brands disappeared due to low quality website content. Focus should be on clear, useful and informative content, to ensure that you are benefiting your audience. Clear, crisp and concise content attracts more readers.

Develop Content with a Keyword in Mind

This essentially means creating your content for search engines as well as your targeted consumers, mainly using keywords. Create content around keywords and phrases that your ideal consumer is searching for online. This will make your content more SEO friendly and have more potential to be seen by your target audience.

Have a Budget for Creating Quality Content

According to data collected by Content Marketing Institute, the majority of B2B marketing agencies have reported to spend two-fifths of their budget on creation and marketing of content during 2018. This is essential as quality content marketing can boost traffic to your website and your business’s performance. The spend on this budget can range from appropriate softwares to create content and attractive images to marketing on social media.

Utilising Media

Using images, flow charts, videos, and other infographics relevant to your website’s content will go a long way. It engages the reader, appeals to them visually and is informative. Ensuring you include various types of media is important to the quality of your content as well as to search engines.

Research, Research and Research

Before writing about anything, it is important to carry out research on content, audience and keywords. You want your content to be informative and useful for your audience. Search engines, such as google, should also recognise the value of your content and will rank it accordingly.

Understanding your Audience

Posting quality content to the wrong audience may thwart the readers’ engagement and your business prospects. Therefore, understanding your audience and their characteristics will assist in creating content that targets them effectively, ensuring you can market the content in the right places and increase your engagement.

Varied Content

Whilst it may be tempting to write consistently about your product or service, it is also important to vary the message in your content. Varied content keeps your audience engaged, and avoids sending out a hard-sell message. Creating content valuable to their problems, trends in the industry and hot topics at the time will provide useful insight to your audience.

Stick to Originality

The focus of content should be to stick to authenticity, as original content has a way of connecting with your audience and builds a strong, trustworthy relationship. Audiences across the world seek originality in content that is more profound, enlightening and pragmatic than others they may come across. This also gives you the opportunity to excel over your competition as you can provide more value.

Digitally Optimised

This is a more technical point in regards to content creation, make sure your content is optimised for everything. Your audience may be looking at your content from a mobile, tablet or computer so make sure your website is able to resize correctly and still look great for all. In addition, loading speeds also have an effect on your SEO and your audience as the faster it is, the more likely the reader is to stay and the better your ranking in search engines.

Keeping Call-to-action at All Levels

It is vital that the target audience does not merely read the content but also responds to it. This includes sharing of social media posts and content, commenting, subscribing and replying. Therefore, building a compelling call to action response strengthens the readability through a multiplier effect. The more shares and engagement your content receives the more recognition from your audience and search engines for better ranking.

Going forward, it is completely understandable that content creation for your business website is a challenging and daunting exercise, however following these simple steps may help you in building quality and valuable content, which will be engaging to the potential readers. Additionally, with your audience and SEO in mind you can increase your business’s online authority, improve traffic and therefore boost overall performance.